Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's Rhea Lana's time again, friends! :)

Oh, happy day! It's been a mild Winter... until these last couple weeks. I stood in line with a couple hundred of my new best friends fellow Rhea Lana supporters to drop off my clothing for the big sale this weekend. They had to close the database early because it had already reached 110,000+ items! That's a bit overwhelming to think about. At first I figured there were so many people dropping off because of the cool (hah!) Winter storm that was coming in last night, but it could have also been because there are MORE THAN 110,000 ITEMS that need to be dropped off I suppose?!

I actually only dropped off 26 items, but the database will open tomorrow for RESTOCK friends-- so don't give up hope yet if you didn't get your items entered! You can enter online, or by mobile app, or by VOICE RECOGNITION this season! (how awesome is that?!).

Of course I checked out all the goods while I was there.  There's clothes galore, and the cutest (look almost brand new?!) shoes (shoes!!!) in men's and women's sizes too! Also FURNITURE- oh my, the furniture. I was mentally making room for new furniture while taking stock ;) .  Also there are toys, baby equipment (you're not allowed to list anything unsafe or recalled- or in poor condition. So you don't have to worry about a thing).  AND I was delighted to see BOOKS- from homeschool books, to kid's board books, to reading/chapter books-- it's all there!

Y'all should check it out and hit me up for passes to the pre-sale Saturday. Rhea Lana's of NWA is on Facebook too; don't forget to like and follow for special deals, contests and early shopping passes!

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